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Qualified Scorers Required

M.C.C. is considered to be the world’s most active cricket club, and plays over 500 matches each year against schools, clubs and universities, both in the U.K. and overseas. Fixtures vary in competitiveness from school fixtures, where developing the game is the driving force, to the more competitive ‘Secretary’s Matches’ against teams such as the Club Cricket Conference, Scotland ‘A’ and the M.C.C.U.s. Some of the Secretary’s matches are played at Lord’s. The Club also tours four or five times every year to destinations as varied as Suriname, Panama, Denmark, the U.S.A. and South Africa. In the past, scorers on the panel have been invited on these tours.

M.C.C. matches are played at some of the most beautiful grounds in the country and usually start at 11.30 a.m. with an approximate finish at 6.00 p.m. The format is usually declaration with twenty overs from 5.00 p.m. However, there are also some opportunities to score multi- day matches.

M.C.C. plays a fee of £20.00 per match for its normal Out-Matches and £42.50 for Secretary’s Matches.

The Club is currently hoping to expand its’ list of scorers. Of particular interest to M.C.C. are those scorers who are familiar with computerised scoring.

If you would be interested in joining the M.C.C. Panel of Scorers, or require further information please contact the M.C.C. Cricket Office or 020 7616 8606 or by email

The MCC Law Changes 2017

ECB ACO has produced a summary detailing the changes to the Laws of Cricket that make a difference to scoring entries and have given permission for this to be published on the ‘Notchers’ website. Click here for the ECB ACO summary.

TCS and access to the Play-Cricket platform

Mick Warren scores Schools and College Cricket with live online scores and then league or youth fixtures after the school’s season is completed. He uses TCS as he finds it more user friendly than the cumbersome Play station app but was concerned at the lack of support and the fake news from the senior scorers’ representatives that TCS can no long talk to Play Cricket. Many club scorers and users of Total Cricket Scorers need to connect to the Play Cricket web site to download upload matches. Mick discovered that you can down load and upload Play Cricket files very easily, simply by installing Yacadu on your laptop and has successfully used it for County and Premier League fixtures on numerous occasions. Click here for the Yacadu instructions.

Blind Cricket England and Wales (BCEW)

If you would like to know more about scoring BCEW matches please contact Paul Toplis at for more information.


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Scorer Training Courses

The Scorer Training Courses Update offers information on scorer training courses notified to Notchers' News. Contact information for each course is included. If you want to advertise a scorer training course in your area please email course details (dates, venue and contact number) to The information will be updated regularly.

Correspondence Course

The ECB ACO offers an Introductory level course and details are available on the ECB ACO web site.

A Standard level equivalent course, open to anyone wishing to learn more about cricket scoring, is independently run to the high standards formerly set by ACU&S. The course fee is £15 and details are available from

Getting Started

The two Powerpoint presentations have been prepared to give novice scorers a basic understanding of the entries to be made in the scoring record. It cannot teach all you need to know to become about cricket scoring – you will need to attend a scorer training course or access a scorer correspondence course to help you to achieve this.

Before using this presentation you should:

The first presentation records the match information in the recorded scoring record. The second presentation displays, ball by ball, the scoring record entries for the 6 overs described in the guide.

If you don't have Powerpoint or Microsoft Office installed, you can download the Powerpoint viewer here. Additionally, you will need to install this cricket font file on your system to view the scoring symbols correctly.

PLEASE NOTE: the following presentations are no longer compliant with the 2017 MCC Code of Laws. They will be updated soon to cover the changes. In the meantime, they are here as reference only.

Millennium Scoring Record

The A3 scoring record originally designed by members of the ACU&S Scorers' Board is available. Contact for more details.

  • Binder and 50 sheets (= 100 innings) £20 + P&P
  • Refill pack of 50 sheets £10 + P&P

Profits from the sale of the records go to maintaining the Milstead Cricket Club and ground.

Linear Score Book

Designed to take all games played in one club cricket season. Each sheet will take 70-80 overs per side with all appropriate statistics. Price £18.00 + p&p. Contact Polly Rhodes at for more information

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